Seattle Storm WNBA Player Sue Bird on Why She Uses Vitargo Before, During & After Every Basketball Game

WNBA Sue Bird Vitargo Athlete

This is how the WNBA player Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm integrates Vitargo into her practices, games, and post recovery routines.


“It is pretty simple. Vitargo is my mainstay. I’ve been using Vitargo now for close to 10 plus years. It started out as a game day thing before every game. I actually use three scoops now. I’ve graduated to this. So I use three scoops 30-40 minutes before the game. I’ll drink half of that (about a scoop in a half and you gotta shake and shake that thing for no clumps). I then drink the other half at halftime.

For my routine on practice days, if I know we’re going to have like a really hard training practice, same thing but more like two scoops. I’ll just take it right before practice. I don’t need the halftime thing.

As far as recovery goes, especially on a game like today, I am probably not going to eat for anywhere between an hour plus after because I have to shower and have the media. So I’ll mix a little bit of protein and one scoop of Vitargo to hold me over until I get my food.”

And do you feel good?

“I mean 10 plus years? I would have stopped in I didn’t feel great, you know.”

– Straight from WNBA player Sue Bird of the Seattle Storm (Powered by Vitargo – Pregame, during the game, and for post-game recovery.)

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WNBA player Sue Bird uses Vitargo preworkout basketball


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Sue Bird In The News

A masked Sue Bird grabbed a winner-takes-all Game 5 of the WNBA semifinals by the throat, draining three-point shot after three-point shot until the clock died. It was a signature 22-point game on 5-of-11 threes — so many of them daggers — from one of the best to ever do it in what could be her last run to the Finals.

Sue Bird Vitargo preworkout drink


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