Athletes that use Vitargo

Many of the world´s best athletes are prevented to go on record about using Vitargo. The list of Olympic Gold winners, professional football teams, tennis players, professional rugby teams and individual athletes is as long as impressive. Some of the Vitargo users are willing to share their personal testimonials, below are just some.

Kris Gethin

For years, I had experimented with various carb forms from maltodextrine and glucose laden sports drinks all the way to cereals and fruit, in an attempt to fuel my workouts and take advantage of the “anabolic window” immediately post workout. I soon started eliminating these carbs from my pre-workout, as I felt is was hindering my intense training sessions rather than helping. As an athlete, I need all the nutrient rich blood in my muscles, not in my stomach trying to digest. I kept the carbs in as part of my post workout strategy but I continued to get a sugar crash shortly after. My wife, Marika Johansson who is a professional bodybuilder, introduced me to Vitargo in 2005. Immediately, I felt the difference in my energy, muscle fullness, recovery, and the improved ability to absorb other supplements such as creatine that I mixed with it. The following year, I qualified to compete at the World Natural Bodybuilding Titles where I happily took runner-up. Today, as a transformation specialist, I recommend it to all of my clients.
Kris Gethin - Deputy Editor and Spokesmodel of, Author of the Best Seller - Body by Design -  and professional Natural Bodybuilder.

Ana Filipa Santos

I’m currently ranked as a top 3 National Triathlon Champion, National Duathlon Championship runner-up and Senior Aquathlon National Champion.

Vitargo was introduced to me by a friend in early 2010. Tired of using non efficient isotonic products from many different brands, I initially thought Vitargo would be just another unsuccessfully effort. I started experimenting with Vitargo Pure and Professional (for competitions only) and soon realize this was exactly what I had been searching looking for. Finally, I had found a product that keeps me hydrated while providing me with the boost I need without the bloat in my stomach or giving me flash drops in my sugar levels.

Nowadays, Vitargo is part of my everyday training routine. I seriously recommend anyone that plays sports, even for fun or health reasons, to try it and use it as a pre-workout and recovery tool.

Kazumasa Kikuchi

Professional Baseball Player, Japan

Pitched in 58 games in the 2009 season. Contributed to the Pacific League Championship as a set upper.

Q. What is the difference between Vitargo and other sports drinks?

A. Before I was introduced to Vitargo, I was taking a normal sport drink. I felt that it remained in my stomach so I always felt discomfort, not to mention that I would always get a sugar crash half way through a game. It was too sweet for me and it felt sticky in my mouth.

Q. When do you take Vitargo?

A. Mainly before and during training, pitching, running, fielding, weight training, etc.

Q. What are your impressions of Vitargo?

A. Vitargo is easy to drink and the taste is light. I feel it does not remain in stomach and is not sticky in mouth. At the beginning of the season, I was not in good condition but gradually, I recovered better from training with Vitargo.
Q. Do you like to drink Vitargo continuously?

A. Yes. I hope to be active in professional baseball on a long-term basis, so, of course, it plays a large part of my short-term result and long-term goals.

Daiki Kodama

Professional Bench Presser, Japan

World Champion (6th times), World Record Holder (281kg, under 75kg weight class)

Q. What is the difference between Vitargo and other sport drinks?

A. Honestly, I think Vitargo is hard to mix and it is not easy to wash out the shaker bottle because Vitargo remains sticky to bottom. But I know I need it for my success in competition so I “eat” Vitargo thick like a gel.

Q. When do you take Vitargo?

A. I take Vitargo before and during bench pressing. I feel the effects of it for up to 6 hours.

Q. How was the state of your training and progression before taking Vitargo?

A. Before, I used to get tired. I started taking Vitargo little by little after every set. I felt less tired and fatigued, so I was able to increase my training volume and then strength.

Q. Do you like to drink Vitargo continuously?

A. Yes, every day. Firstly, I started taking Vitargo because I saw Mr. Ueda (Japan Champion 2010) make a lot of progress rapidly. I tried to make my own workout drink but I saw the progress of Mr. Ueda and noticed he was taking Vitargo. So, that’s when I started drinking it too. Thanks to the Vitargo, I could increase training volume with intensive strength training. As I progress, I intend shatter my own records.

Chin Chih Yung

Vitargo works. Backed by research, Vitargo products allow my athletes to train well, recover fast and perform at their peak.

Working with national athletes through the Singapore Sports Council, I have contact with the sports science community here in Singapore.

National representative athletes from a range as diverse as swimming to netball, professional basketball teams and soccer teams have reported reduced perceived exertion, reduced soreness and enhanced recovery in both training and competition since switching to Vitargo.

- Chin Chih Yung, Strength and Conditioning Coach, SINGAPORE

Damian Blaum and Esther Nuñez

The carbohydrates and electrolytes found in Vitargo provide me with all the energy I need in a 5 to 9 hour open water swimming race. Yes, you hear right - some races are as long as 9 hours!
To be a professional open water swimmer, it is necessary to fight the fatigue associated with such long events through nutrition, rest and perfect hydration. I found all the hydrating energy I needed with the Vitargo Carboloader. Being an Olympic and world champion, we wouldn´t consider competition or training without it.

Damian Blaum, Argentina, Olympic open water swimmer
Esther Nuñez, Spain, World Champion in marathon swimming

Kouta Hirahara

Professional Cyclist, Japan, S-Class
2009, 2010 Takamatsunomiya Cup Champion and 2009 Keirinsai Champion

Q. What is your first impression of Vitargo?
A. Easy to drink and digest while training, and it is readily soluble in water.
Q. What were your impressions when taking Vitargo before and during training?
A. My stomach did not feel bloated before and during training, and I didn’t get a crash like I have had with other sports drinks.
Q. Did you feel difference in your performance with Vitargo?
A. Definitely! I could concentrate much more in training; this is because I could maintain energy. I felt Vitargo both strengthened my body and stamina.
Q. How do you take Vitargo?
A. I take Vitargo before, during, and after my race and training. As I mentioned, Vitargo does not remain in my stomach when I take it before, during and after training, so I can concentrate on my strategy and pace better than ever, plus, no longer do I feel the fatigue I used to suffer from previously.

Team Lake Shimano Pro

Team Lake Shimano Pro, South Africa, used Vitargo in various forms throughout the 2010 season and found that it really worked for them. In particular team members said that:

-They felt nice and consistent during races without the bloating and/or nausea caused by some other sports drinks.

-Carbohydrate loading before multi day mountain bike stage races helped them ensure consistent racing day after day without the usual weakening a few days into the race.

-When using Vitargo as a recovery agent after races they felt better sooner and some even thanked Vitargo for allowing them some extra quality family time! They usually spent the afternoon asleep or in front of the TV after a hard race but with Vitargo they were able to have a short 15 minute power nap and spend the afternoon constructively.

Team Lake Shimano Pro unconditionally recommends Vitargo’s range of products.

Katsuaki Suzuki

Bodybuilder, Japan
JPC the Nationals 2010 Champion

I have devoted myself to bodybuilding for 20 years. I have been consumed by Vitargo’s amazing ability to help me move forward in my bodybuilding career and to allow me to push harder in the gym. I have gained a muscular weight of 4kgs in 9 months by using Vitargo.

I always drink Vitargo before training, as it doesn’t settle in my stomach or make me feel bloated while I push my body to the limits of intensity; I can concentrate on my workouts while receiving Vitargo’s ability to provide more energy and recovery.